What’s your Grand Vision, writer?

by Timothy Pike
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Before you embark on your writing journey, it helps to have a clear idea of where you’re going. Today we’ll be talking about your Grand Vision, which is simply where you see yourself after a certain period of time. A Grand Vision is the end result of (and reward for) all your hard work.

It’s similar to a goal, except unlike a fixed goal, a Grand Vision is easily changed. If you just set a goal, it’s fixed in your mind as something you have to achieve, no matter what. And if you don’t, you get discouraged. Sometimes even just thinking you can’t reach your goal can set you back enough that you don’t reach it.

Your Grand Vision, however, is constantly in flux, and always being re-evaluated.

There are several levels of Grand Visions:

  • Grand Vision for your writing life. Example: I write full time and make enough from book sales to live comfortably in Paris, with a lifestyle that allows me to spend plenty of time with friends and family.
  • Grand Vision for the next five years. Example: I’ve retired from teaching, have published a few books, one children’s book with some illustrations by me, one novelty and one historical fiction novel. I also run a successful blog.
  • Grand Vision for the project you’re working on now. Example: I finished my final chapter and epilogue so that my ending is as rich, exciting, and satisfying as the beginning and rest of my novel. Now it’s time to get it out there.

The trick is to phrase each level of Grand Vision as though what you are envisioning has already come true. This brings it out of the realm of imagination and makes it makes it feel real. In other words, try to avoid phrases like “I want to” or “I hope to be able to”—these phrases only serve to keep pushing your dreams into the future.

Want to give it a shot? What’s your Grand Vision, writer? Post them in the comments!


4 thoughts on “What’s your Grand Vision, writer?

  1. Hey Tim,

    This is such a huge question and so important! Ahem, my ‘coach’ helped me a great deal with looking this one dead between the eyes. 🙂

    And what you say is spot on about saying it as though it’s already true, that’s a biggie. I started saying I was a speaker and then I started speaking. The thought always comes, for me at least, before the manifestation in the world.




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