Why are there so many starving writers out there?

A lack of understanding about writers ends up perpetuating this idea of the “starving writer.” Sure, some people think of the rich and famous authors, zipping around the world to attend book signings, vacationing in tropical destinations as they mull over their next New York Times bestseller. Or flying to L.A. to hammer out their latest movie deal.

But don’t more people think of writers as just scraping by at best? And at worst, eccentric recluses, holed up in their dens with pots of coffee and ashtrays overflowing with cigarette butts, brows furrowed as they type furiously to crank out their bizarre, quirky essays and novels and screenplays that they’re hoping and praying will hit the bigtime—or at least bring in enough money to pay the rent every month.

But we know better, don’t we? We know that being a writer is about more than just sitting at a computer all day. A writer is anyone who loves to put words together. Loves to communicate. Loves to express ideas in her chosen medium, like any other artist. A writer is anyone who is serious about making a go of this skill she possesses. A writer is someone who is there every day, has to be there every day. To practice. To improve. To produce. A writer is devoted to her craft.

What is a writer not? A writer is not someone who never makes a typo or grammatical error. A writer is not a person whose pitch-perfect prose always drips off the page like honey.

And a writer is not poor. I can’t stress this enough. No indeed, that should never even enter into the picture. There is absolutely no reason you should be poor or “starving,” literally or figuratively.

A lot of people think of writers as dirt poor—just scraping by, living book to book, or article to article, and doomed to either starvation or working menial jobs their whole lives just to support their writing. It’s a common perception that writers just don’t make a good living. But as writers, we possess a skill that can bring us a handsome paycheck, even make us quite wealthy. So why are there so many broke writers out there?

They’re not taking the right steps to promote their books.

They are not continually learning new skills that will help them get to where they want to be.

That’s what #365daynovel is all about: learning skills that will help you write and sell.


3 thoughts on “Why are there so many starving writers out there?

  1. Yes, marketing is key. I’ve found that promoting the book can be more difficult than the editing process at times. Especially with those self publishing. It takes a lot of time, and if you don’t give it your all, the results will show.

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