Inspired by walls of books and a twisty staircase

To Hollie Marquess, who authors the site My Blog Is My Boyfriend, and who says she would like nothing more than to be surrounded by walls of books while she writes, I say:

Who wouldn’t?

Hollie’s two cents:

If money were no object, I’d definitely be in NYC—in a Brooklyn brownstone, filling my days with trips to Central Park. To write, I’d go to the Nomad Hotel. The books surrounding the room and the twisty staircase seem to create the perfect writing ambiance.

—Hollie Marquess
My Blog Is My Boyfriend

How about you? What inspires your writing? Share and be featured on this blog!


9 thoughts on “Inspired by walls of books and a twisty staircase

  1. This photo is completely drool-worthy. Ah, to live in a house with this as one of the rooms! As far as what inspires my writing, I would say day dreaming. Neil Gaiman said it so very well that ideas come in day dreams, and the authors and artists are those who pay attention to those fantasies.


  2. Rooftops. They get my writing mojo up so high! Maybe it’s the uninterrupted way I can watch people without their knowledge or look at the open sky and it’s infinite possibilities, I don’t know, but rooftops always do it for me.


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