Seeking recommendations! Know any good publishing pros?

A good publishing pro is worth his or her weight in gold. In other words, valuable, rare, not easy to find.

What is a publishing pro? Any individual who does any of the following (and does it well!):

  • Editing or proofreading (any stage)
  • Book cover design (e-book or print)
  • Document formatting (e-book)
  • Book interior design (print)
  • Book shepherding

If you know of or have worked with any individual who does a great job with any of these, please contact me. Keep in mind I’m looking for individual freelancers only (vs. collective studio teams). I’ll be featuring and promoting the folks who get multiple recommendations.

Why am I doing this? Because great work is hard to come by, and I want to recognize and reward those who do it.

So send in your recommendation now! Contact me here

Remember, my list of pros is recommendation only! The only rule is that you can’t recommend yourself.

Thank you! And once again, you may contact me here.



12 thoughts on “Seeking recommendations! Know any good publishing pros?

  1. Good question, Sir. I’m all about DIY, so I publish at Smashwords, do my own cover art from public domain, free or CC images. I prefer Free and Open Source software, too. Sometimes I get help from one or more faithful blog readers on editing, but not much more than catching typical errors. Then again, all but one of my books are free. I write mostly for a pretty narrow audience. Aside from a few computer and fiction books, it’s esoteric religious material. I’m glad to help out other writers when I have time.


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