You don’t have to go sailing to write from your true self—but it doesn’t hurt

Robert Jepson’s life involves water, and lots of it, so it’s little wonder that sailing, particularly in the Western Isles of Scotland, is his way of finding himself, clearing his mind, and writing from his “true self.”

But you can’t put a label on this guy. No, indeed—his endeavors have been as varied as postal worker, police officer, and power plant engineer. And if you add to that his enthusiasm for playing guitar, painting, and preparing vegetarian Indian meals at home, it’s amazing he still finds time to write at all, let alone sail!

As Robert prepares to tell us a little more about what inspires his writing, go ahead and navigate over to his self-titled blog, and take the plunge into some of his latest musings.

Robert’s two cents:

My greatest inspiration for writing comes from sailing in the Western Isles of Scotland, amongst islands, water, trees, and mountains. This is my sliver of space where I truly am, spending about six weeks a year there on my yacht. The remainder of the year I meditate upon selected photos to remember the feeling—in mind, body, and soul—of being there, the feeling of peace and connection with nature sustaining me until the next voyage. This clears my mind to write from my true self.

—Robert Jepson

How about you? What inspires your writing? Enter the contest for a chance to be featured on this blog!


13 thoughts on “You don’t have to go sailing to write from your true self—but it doesn’t hurt

  1. So true! When I make my way back to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mountains north of Venice, Italy, after trekking in Gozo…the freedom of change and fresh air is the opening of the mind for free flowing thought. I believe we yearn for the place to give inner peace….just for the sake to write with depth we don’t or have difficulty finding in the every day. Bali was my plan for this spring, but had to hold off and am looking forward to a 3 week spiritual release next spring instead 🙂 Nice work here 🙂


  2. I really like your twist on writing and blogging by focusing on writers. It’s inspiring to read about other writers out there, especially as a young writer. Keep up the good work! Thanks for following my blog–looking forward to reading more of your posts.


    • I do aim to inspire, and knowing that burgeoning writers can get encouragement from what other writers have to say is very heartening. Glad you like it and I invite you to stop by often!


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