To walk the world of words, and frolic in the forest of fiction

Hailing from South Africa, Daniel Boshoff claims to spend the majority of his time writing fiction, dabbling in poetry, and “building up my mustard empire”—which I would have thought was a joke, had he not also alluded to his culinary exploits of yore, both as a chef and baker of artisan breads.

In addition to that chef’s hat, though, he’s worn many others, including ceramic sculptor, sailor, and musician. But the one that seemed to stick was writer. And when you go to his blog, it’s immediately clear that this is a man who knows how to write. Ask anybody to describe a writer and they may just describe Daniel: brilliant, a bit reclusive, and fueled by coffee.

I didn’t just make that up. In fact, it’s one of his future famous quotes:

Coffee and cigarettes have written more words than any man or woman.
—Daniel Boshoff

Given that, one would think Daniel is inspired in large part by coffee and cigarettes. And that would be correct, if by coffee you meant clay, and by cigarettes you meant gardening. Read on for his take on inspiration, then get an even larger dose of it over at his blog, aptly named DanielBoshoffBlog.

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Photo credit: Daniel Boshoff

Photo credit: Daniel Boshoff

Daniel’s two cents:

When the hands are busy, the mind follows suit…

Many of my greatest ideas have come to me while working with clay. It’s a little bit like writing: you take a lump of nothing much and turn it into anything you can imagine, and while you do this your mind gets to work. Afterwards I go to my veggie garden, where an abundance of growth is taking place, to grow my ideas. I love to get dirt on my hands, breathe in the earth, dig in my toes; it grounds me, and allows me to think.

My true inspiration, however, is this world we live in. Cheesy, I know. But there is so much beauty and suffering and mystery and grandness to be found all around—so much magic—that if you only look for it, all the inspiration you could ask for is right there! There is enough awe in a single scarlet sunset to keep you warm for days, and the brightness of the stars in the desert reveals that infinity has no limits. The kiss of young lovers on a crowded sidewalk warns that today is when it all happens—tomorrow is only a concept.

I take all of this in and keep it in my chest, where sometimes it feels like a warm marshmallow and other times like butterflies, and sometimes it feels like a hot knife.

And I write, now, because it’s the only way I know how not to explode.

If you thought that was enchanting, wait until you read some of the other exquisitely sculpted pieces showcased on his blog. Just be prepared to stay awhile.

So, care to share? Let me know what inspires your writing for a chance to be featured on this blog!

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