How writing is like climbing a tree

I don’t know what half of Lavinia Elizabeth’s blog, laviniawonders, says, because it’s written in Italian. But I don’t care—in my opinion, even graffiti looks nice when it’s scrawled in the beautiful language of modern Romans. Even though English is not this eighteen-year-old wordsmith’s native tongue, you wouldn’t know it because she writes so well. “I’ve always studied English as a second language,” she says, and when you go to her blog, it’s obvious that her English has come a long way.

Surely this is also due to her curious, observant nature.

See, most of Lavinia’s childhood memories came from her garden—and it was an apricot tree in that very garden that seems to have forged much of her worldview. But read on, and I’ll let Lavinia explain how writing brings back the feeling of climbing that enormous apricot tree all those years ago.

And if you have a hankering for being the next featured writer on this blog, head over to this page to find out how.

Lavinia’s two cents:

A little blonde girl, seven years of age, sitting on a massive branch and enjoying the impressive view. That is how it began. That is how I began to cultivate my passion. I started observing every single thing around me, its details, and wondering what its history was. The massive branch belonged to an ancient apricot tree, which stood in the center of the garden where most of my childhood memories come from.

Reaching the top was difficult. There were several drawbacks, such as a weak branch, or too much resin on the tree, but that part of the climb, the most challenging part, was the best one for me. I felt in control, and yet at the mercy of destiny. I knew that in spite of any external factor, I had to try my best to reach the top. And I did. I did several times. I could finally see where the flowers bloomed, and I could dream. I had reached a temporary feeling of well-being.

Today, what gives me that same feeling is writing. Being able to describe in words what occurs in my mind and in my heart has now become the top of my apricot tree.

Well put, Lavinia. Now it’s your turn. Let me know what inspires your writing for a chance to be featured on this blog!


9 thoughts on “How writing is like climbing a tree

  1. I am inspired by adventures in Colorado and traveling. The change of scenery or routine wakes up my inner writer. I’ll have a strange dream or will see or experience something new and then POW. I’ll have to write it down.

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  2. I’m inspired by the authors and the writers that came before me and those that are going to come after me, I’m inspired by the inspiration and greatness and the help that I can give to others through my writing. Great piece of writing though

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  3. People. Characters. I see a face, hear a voice, listen to words and worries and, suddenly, there’s a whole person in my head longing to get out and walk around.

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  4. Thank you for the precious words and for publishing my “inspiration” written piece. I hope other young writers feel the same way. And I love your page by the way!!


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