How to write an entire book at night, in the glow of your iPhone’s screen

If you didn’t know Patrick Hart had a blog, don’t feel bad—there’s a good chance you were asleep when he was writing it. This Oregon-based writer, musician, and amateur photographer is usually awake when you’re asleep—and presumably vice-versa—due to his job working the graveyard shift. But if you are awake at that hour, you may have walked right by his desk, “the parking lot and street corners of your nondescript neighborhood megamart,” without even realizing it. “This,” he says, surveying the dimly-lit scene, “is my desk.” Sure it’s an unconventional one, but everyone’s gotta have an office somewhere.

Not many a novelist can claim he wrote his book in the middle of the night, on his meal break, using only his iPhone. But then, this self-described Oxford comma enthusiast and “marathoner of the run-on sentence” tends to do things a little differently, as you’ll find out when you visit his blog, The Night Shift, and read some of his clever articles about what keeps him busy, why he wants to do more writing outside of music, and why he’s sick of Portland.

This morning he has graciously remained awake a few extra minutes to tell us where his inspiration comes from, and to show us this gorgeous beachscape that he captured while on vacation in Maui a few years back. Scroll on!

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Photo credit: Patrick Hart

Photo credit: Patrick Hart

Patrick’s two cents:

What inspires my writing is emotion. I’ve been an intensely empathetic individual my whole life, so I take in the emotion in a room like a sponge, which is great for writing, but not necessarily for peace of mind. That empathy breeds a need for a therapeutic way to deal with it all, so I write stories full of emotion to exorcise what demons take refuge in my head, whether by my own doing, or that of an outside source. I love it, because it saves me a large chunk of change in the shrink department.

Thanks for sharing, Patrick. Now please go get some sleep!

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16 thoughts on “How to write an entire book at night, in the glow of your iPhone’s screen

  1. Nicely done. I’m going to follow Patrick, as well, with the understanding that should he become a famous novelist, tickets to Maui will become a part of my future. Okay, I’ll settle for him autographing my copy. Great blog, Timothy Pike.

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  2. I love the poetry in your writing, Mr. Hart! It’s like music or water, resonating in the soul. So awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    Cool blog, too, Mr. Pike! I like the idea of connecting writers and getting to know more about them and what inspires them. Thanks for putting this together and helping us all get a little more fire in our blood! 🙂
    ~ Kat

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  3. I have to say, I am happy to see I am not the only writer who not only writes overnight, but also on my smart phone! Several of my WIPs have been created on my phone, and I don’t know what I would do without it! It is always there, so no matter what strange hour something interesting pops in my head I can write away! (It is also great when you are stuck out with family and friends, hiding off in the corner writing away while they have fun *grins*)

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  4. Just now taking a look at the theme of your blog and I’m absolutely in love! What inspires you’re writing” the answers are endless possibilities and I love how people’s responses are so true and genuine great idea!


  5. I am also a late night writer, so I get it! I’ve always been a night person, so it makes since for me to write and be inspired at this time. My mind wakes up and I get energy at this time! Great Post!


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