“Doing interesting stuff” inspires this tireless writer

When Sarah Tinsley finds something she likes, she sticks with it. Whether that’s teaching English all day without a single trip to the loo, marching for four hours straight while pounding out a samba reggae beat on a huge drum, or running a marathon, it’s clear that whatever Sarah is in, she’s in it for the long haul. Not a big fan of wasting time, sitting around, or, apparently, being comfortable, Sarah somehow finds the time to do all of this and also study for her master’s in creative writing; pen her blog, The Power of Words; and write poetry.

If just reading that tired you out, you won’t be surprised to hear that what fires Sarah up most is going out into the world and “doing interesting stuff”—and it sounds to me like there’s no shortage of interesting stuff in her life. Sarah’s got some words of wisdom for us, so I’ll shut up now and let her do the talking.

Oh wait, one more thing: if Sarah’s thoughts fire you up, please take the time to share your inspiration with us for a chance to be featured here.

Photo credit: Sarah Tinsley

Photo credit: Sarah Tinsley

Sarah’s two cents:

Experiences and people inspire me. While beautiful scenery might evoke some wonderful descriptive pieces, nothing gets me fired up for writing more than being out in the world and doing interesting stuff. This is me ready to play with 250 other drummers in the Notting Hill Carnival. The sheer energy and vitality, the stamina to keep walking and drumming for over four hours, the endless cameras and phones thrust in our faces as we played our way through the streets, all of this made me want to evoke something real and visceral in my writing. If I can’t find inspiration at my desk, I head out into the world and find it there.

Sarah, I’ll gladly join you. Thanks for sharing!

And you? Tell me what inspires your writing and the next article may just have your name on it.

13 thoughts on ““Doing interesting stuff” inspires this tireless writer

  1. Initially, I wouldn’t have used the word inspired – more like taken over by some kind of virus that had to work its way through me. Thus the first book was completed. I think inspiration has been more prevalent through the second and third book in my Crater Lake series. I am inspired by the positive response I’ve received to the books but I suppose the biggest inspiration is the characters themselves. They keep me coming back again and again to figure out just where the ultimate story arcs are taking all of them. Believe me, at times, I’m as curious as my readers.


  2. Doing interesting stuff makes Sarah an interesting person. Life is just experiences, some good, some bad, some interesting and exciting, and some boring. Those experiences become memories that we will retell when we are old and that’s when we know if we have lived our life to the fullest.


  3. Wow, Lori! You just captured it so perfectly! Nailed exactly what I’ve been trying to articulate for years!! Thank you!

    This blog is so inspiring. It calls me out to try new things and to write what is me, even if I think no one will listen. If not for inspiration like this, I wouldn’t have dared to open my story contest this month! Thank you!
    ~ Kat


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