Inspired by the freedom of a limitless imagination (as we all should be)

If Caroline Peckham were a character in her own young adult fantasy stories, she might just steal the show. This talented author is vibrant, active, and also very funny. Case in point: she asserts that her hometown, “the most quaint, quintessentially English town you could ever imagine” (Kent, known as the Garden of England), should instead be known as the “Puddle of England” for all the rain it gets. She’s already released the first in a five-part fantasy series, Creeping Shadow, to Wattpad, with a Kindle release planned for the near future.

Adventurous to the core, Caroline has also done her fair share of traveling. She’s been back and forth (trekking the Great Wall of China and riding an elephant in Thailand), up (taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon), down (skydiving and scuba diving), and all around (from Las Vegas to New York, and apparently, everything in between).

Perhaps best of all, Caroline is willing to share many of the secrets of her success. Her enthusiasm for her craft is infectious, and after spending some time on her blog, you may even decide to start writing fantasy yourself. But if not, at least you’ll come out with a smile on your face.

As we dig a little deeper, though, things start to get more serious. In fact, Caroline has prepared a fantastic answer on exactly what inspires her writing, and I thought it was very profound and insightful.

Before you read about what inspires Caroline’s writing, take a moment to think about what inspires yours. Then enter the inspiration contest and you could be the next writer featured here!

Photo credit: Caroline Peckham

Photo credit: Caroline Peckham

Caroline’s two cents:

For me, writing has always been about the characters and emotions evoked by a story. I write because it is an expression of myself, my feelings, and my passions.

I have a desire to write, that’s a given, but the inspiration? That comes from everyday moments. A story in the news, an unexpected downpour of rain, a heartfelt song on the radio, even a heated debate with a loved one. These things tick away in my mind, creating characters, scenarios, and stories that piece together until they become something tangible I can hardly wait to write down.

Perhaps one of the biggest factors driving my writing is escapism. I love my life and the highs and lows it contains but I can be free from all the pressures of my world by entering another. This is why I write fantasy. I love the freedom of a limitless imagination and that, in itself, inspires me.

I have a fascination with life and death and the big questions that everyone struggles with. My writing allows me to explore these things, making my characters brave where I might not be or weak in ways that I can relate to. Writing is like reading. I believe that we are all searching for answers in the words that others give us and, if that is done well, can be a powerful thing that will stay with you forever.

I’ve chosen this photo because it is the view from my window and has inspired me countless times. The ever-changing sky over the English countryside and people who spend time on the Green are a constant source of ideas.

For insight, information, and of course, laughs, head over to Caroline’s namesake blog, carolinepeckhamβ€”and be sure to follow!

Then come back and tell me what inspires your writing, and the next article may just be about you.

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    Please take a moment to check out his brilliant blog which is so popular that I can only ever dream to achieve his amazingness one day!


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