Here’s a writer who will never give up

If you rewound through an entire half of Kat Frost’s life, she’d be precisely nine years old—and at the very start of her writing journey. The first piece she wrote, by her own admission, was “pitiful.” But the seed had been planted, and she knew she could improve.

And improve she did. Years later, she would discover NaNoWriMo, and participate not once, but twice—her second effort tipping the scales at over 75,000 words.

This young writer knows the road is long, but as she puts it: “I know there will be times when I feel like giving up. But writing is my passion, and it is my ‘voice crying out in the wilderness.’ I know I would be a hypocrite were I to hold it in, hide it, or abandon it.”

And that’s really what being a writer is all about, isn’t it?

I have Kat here now, ready to tell us about what inspires her writing. Kat, the floor is yours!

Photo credit: Hannah Andrews

Photo credit: Hannah Andrews

Kat’s two cents:

I only have two feet. And no wings.

But this isn’t me. It’s just the house I live in.

I always wanted wings—to be able to fly. But I’m chained to the ground. And that’s where writing comes in.

Writing is the wings to my heart. When I sit down to write, anything can happen. It’s the place where I’m free. Truly free. While I may never be able to view the world from the glorious swooping perch of a dragon’s back, my characters can. And though I may not be able to discover a magical sword forged by ancient elves and an unknown destiny, they can.

Writing is where all your wildest dreams come true. It brings to life all those wondrous things, like when you wish you could turn invisible, or wonder what would happen if someone time traveled back to the Romans and gave them a missile, or imagine what it would be like to get imprisoned in a video game. Writing is where you can try all your craziest imaginings. It’s where you are literally unstoppable. And that is why I write.

Freedom burns a fire that cannot be quenched. It’s the freedom, the anything-can-happen, the your-wildest-dreams-can-come-true, that really inspires me and lights me up.

I might be earth-bound in body, but writing lets my soul fly free. I can do anything, go anywhere. When you have wings, you can do almost anything. Writing gives me those wings.

Thanks, Kat! That’s a beautiful piece. And your persistence and willingness to learn is an inspiration to us all.

Be sure to check out Kat’s blog, More Than I’ve Been, and read some of her stories, as well as her writing journey.

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