Looking for 10 good authors to showcase. And one “Dream Book” will win!

Are you writing a book? Would you like an audience of 4,000 while you do it?

I’m about to choose 10 budding authors who plan to work hard and finish their books this year.

Are you in?

I’ll send out weekly updates on the progress and success of your project to help promote your up-and-coming book—and you as an author—while showcasing the ways MyDreamBookTeam.com is helping authors every day to successfully write, publish, and sell their books.

This is your chance! It’s a great excuse to buckle down and finally finish that book.

In addition, ONE author (*ahem*, you?) will be the grand prize winner, with his or her book gracing the home page of MyDreamBookTeam for a full year afterwards for members and visitors alike to discover and buy!

But everyone wins, really, because I’ll be chronicling your journey toward authorhood as the nearly 4,000 people who read my blog and subscribe to my newsletter follow along. But far from being passive observers, some of those 4,000 readers will request to join your Marketing Action Team—a group of enthusiastic fans eager to help you spread the word about your book, amplifying your marketing efforts.

Enter now! First, add your book on MyDreamBookTeam. Then (and most importantly), reply to this e-mail so that I know you’re interested in the contest.

Best of luck!


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