Have you ever revived an old project? I need your story!

Since this blog is all about achieving your writing goals in the face of fear, doubt, hardship, or insecurity, I’d like to know:

Have you ever revived an old project?

If at some point you’ve blown the dust off an old manuscript—or even fished it out of the wastebasket—and were pleasantly surprised with the results, send in your story!

Learn how to enter:


4 thoughts on “Have you ever revived an old project? I need your story!

  1. I have a few old projects sitting around. I have occasionally thought about maybe going back to one or two that I started on but never got far with to see if I could finish it, but haven’t yet. A couple of old projects I’ve considered revisiting and seeing if I could tweak them and make them better, but i haven’t gone past the “considering” point.


  2. I found a seven year old first draft. It had a complete outline, detailed character profiles and a list of websites for researching topics. It was a solid and well put together plan. I remembered writing it, and getting frustrated about something trivial and scrapping it. I had no idea that it was the most well planned story out,I really I’d ever made. If I weren’t busy with multiple projects already, I could sit down and have a first draft finished in less than six weeks.

    Posting here to share. I’m not ready to submit for featured writer at this time but I had to share this story.

    I haven’t revived it yet because I’m working on something else.


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