Just Do It: A confident writer and the wisdom of Nike

Today, writer Tiffany S. Doran tells us the key to increased confidence is just to write, no matter what’s going on inside your head. If you’ve got some inspiring advice to share, please send it in!

I…am a writer. It took me several years to be able to say that with confidence. Writing has always been a love of mine. It did take a backseat to my life, however, with marriage and three children. I never really thought or believed I could do it. Sometimes, it still feels that way. I recently overcame some of my fear and some of my doubt however, by simply getting out of my head. I am an overthinker of everything. I would say that is my biggest downfall. I of course attribute that to my being a writer. I try to figure out the ending to my story before I even get through the beginning credits.

Geesh, give yourself some credit and cut yourself a break. You will never get anywhere by doing that.

Sometimes, you have to do exactly what Nike says and “Just Do It.”

I recently submitted my very first story to Chicken Soup for the Soul. After I read it and re-read it a couple thousand times, of course. The deadline for this particular entry isn’t until the end of June, so it will be quite some time before I know. It’s not really whether it gets published or doesn’t, though. I mean, sure, having ten free copies of the book with your story in it and a cool two hundred bucks is pretty amazing, but I finally did it. I got out of my head and completed it. Sometimes, you have to do exactly what Nike says and “Just Do It.”

Quit overanalyzing. Get alone with your laptop, notebook, paper, and pen—or crayon and coloring book—and put something on paper.

I know you’ve heard it thousands of times, but it’s so true: you are your own worst critic. I am mine. I’m so busy trying to prove myself, I lose myself and the love for what it is I do. Write your book, poem, children’s story. Quit overanalyzing. Get alone with your laptop, notebook, paper, and pen—or crayon and coloring book—and put something on paper. I was given the chance to write for the bulletin at church and leapt at the opportunity just to be able to get my writing out there in front of people, no matter what they said. Guess what? It wasn’t that bad and, well, they haven’t asked anyone else to step in and take over, so I’m assuming they like it. It doesn’t have to be published by a huge publishing corporation (even though that would be awesome), just as long as you step up and step out. Look at yourself every day in the mirror and tell yourself you’re good enough, smart enough, and your work is amazing enough to publish. All you have to do is try, simply try.

My problem is fear of rejection. But a rejection isn’t always a rejection. Sometimes, it’s a redirection instead. I’ve learned that through this whole experience. Look, we all want to be amazing in this world of writers we’re surrounded by. But what we have to realize is…maybe we already are, and just don’t give ourselves enough credit or attention to realize it.

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7 thoughts on “Just Do It: A confident writer and the wisdom of Nike

  1. Very inspirational, Tiffany! I wholeheartedly agree, “Just do it!” I had the same kind of fears when I pitched some newspapers to interview me as a self-published author. I was flabbergasted when not only one but two of them wanted me as a story. Nothing will ever get done unless one just does it.

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    • Thank you So much!! Believe it or not, I almost didn’t send this in. I’m so glad I did. It has been very encouraging. Yes, sitting on the sidelines watching others succeed will not do anything for your own success. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  2. “Just do it!” is a motto of mine, and I’m glad to hear you’re starting to embrace it as well. That’s what it’s all about sometimes. Funny what a slogan for a shoe brand can do for people! Keep it up Tiffany!

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  3. I’ve been mulling over this very thought all morning and procrastinating waiting for a ‘sign’ that I should continue writing or that God wants to use me through it. I’m amazing to be directed to this post and to be encouraged by your words – thanks! I’ve only recently started to write again now that my kids have grown a bit and I have more free time and I’m hoping somehow I can be of some help to others. I’m struggling with a lack of self confidence but I’m slowly starting to realise I just need to keep doing it!

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    • I’m so glad that what I wrote helped you realize that. It’s what we have to do. God uses everything for his glory and this is no different. Keep writing, never give up…Just Do it. People don’t fail, they only quit trying. Don’t quit trying. Keep writing even when your mind says stop.

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