The best holiday present ever? Your book

When you gather with family and friends this holiday season, give them the best gift of all: your book.

Or nudge your fans toward your Amazon book page, where they can buy a stack of copies to give to their family and friends.

Either way, make sure it’s your book they’re curled up by the fire reading.

Uh, Tim…aren’t the holidays six months off? I hear you thinking.

Yes, but time is running out.

To be sure your book is ready in time for holiday shopping, we need to get the ball rolling now.

I know you’re busy with non-holiday things (like, you know, packing the family ice chest full of sodas and popsicles and heading to the swimming pool), so here’s the least complicated plan of action you’ll ever hear:

Just hand me your final draft from Microsoft Word, and I’ll turn it into a beautiful, professionally edited book—standout cover and all—on sale at Amazon and in the Kindle store. All in time for the holidays.

In fact, if you did it right now, you wouldn’t even have to leave the swimming pool.


Keep in mind that this service is only for folks who have completed their manuscripts. If you’re almost finished writing it, either make great haste or wait till Holiday Season 2017. I’ll offer this next year, too.


As a published author, you’ll keep 100% of your royalties, and you don’t have to know a thing about publishing because I take care of all the “technical stuff” for you.

But act quickly! Because of the amount of personalized attention your book requires, I can only take on a very limited number of clients.

Curious? Learn more and get in touch with me here!

Happy holidays,


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