CreateSpace better than IngramSpark? 3 solid reasons to choose CreateSpace

IngramSpark and CreateSpace {What is CreateSpace?} are both platforms that offer print-on-demand and distribution solutions for self-publishing authors. But which should you choose? In today’s 3-Point Quickie column, I make the case for CreateSpace.

Easier to sell on Amazon. When you publish your book through CreateSpace, it is automatically placed for sale on Amazon, and they’ll even convert your book to Kindle format. With CreateSpace’s free expanded distribution (which, perhaps surprisingly, uses Ingram’s distribution network), your book will show up for sale at a slew of online venues, allowing your readers to purchase your book at their bookseller of choice. With your name splashed across that many websites, you may start to feel like a Kardashian.

More royalties. Since Amazon owns CreateSpace, you’re on “home turf” when you’re selling on Amazon. This means that your royalties will be significantly higher for books sold on Amazon than on the third-party sites that you’ll reach through expanded distribution, such as Barnes & Noble. However, when you publish through IngramSpark and choose expanded distribution there, Amazon is just another third-party site your book appears on, and those sales will fetch much lower royalties. My point: since Amazon is the powerhouse of book sales these days, why not grab your share of the pie? And maybe some coffee. Oh, and an extra fork, because now I’m getting hungry.

It’s cheaper and faster. IngramSpark charges a title setup fee, a yearly fee, and a fee for making changes once your book is published. These fees can be waived under certain circumstances, but here’s the bottom line: be prepared to shell out if you sign up with IngramSpark. CreateSpace, on the other hand, charges nothing, even for access to the expanded distribution network. Also, setup and shipping tend to be faster at CreateSpace. They say slow and steady wins the race, but that doesn’t mean you’d want a tortoise delivering your books!

I'm Timothy Pike, a publishing consultant focused on helping you create & publish a beautiful book (that sells!) My flagship offering is a full-service, artisan book publishing package. I live in downtown Philadelphia, and once made a furtive, but ill-advised, attempt to repair the crack on the Liberty Bell.


13 thoughts on “CreateSpace better than IngramSpark? 3 solid reasons to choose CreateSpace

  1. This email validates my choice. I am so glad I received this today. I recently started doing my Children’s book on Createspace. I am now figuring out the taxes portion…any advice on that would be great by the way haha.  Tiffany S. Doran


    • So glad it’s coming along, and I look forward to seeing the finished product. Feel free to post the title & purchase URL in this comment section. As for tax advice, I have very little. I do have some tax wishes, however, as in, I wish we didn’t have to pay them!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, haha, I wish I didn’t have o pay them either. I will definitely do that. I am very excited about this avenue and I know this is my place. As soon as I get through the tax portion, I will be smooth sailing.


  2. I have two books on CS. I signed up for IS because of the wider distribution options (Ingram is a major book distributor worldwide) but have not gone ahead because I am unsure if the expense is justified. I tried a UK based outfit called FeedAread which appears to offer similar distribution but without the expense. I am still waiting to see how it goes.


  3. Ta-Da! My newest release through CreateSpace is now available in paperback and kindle edition on Amazon! Very exciting for me! This is the third book in the ‘Rubyville’ series, the others are available on Amazon as well. Thank you so much Timothy Pike for letting me put a purchase URL here. It’s very much appreciated! Here is the link for the paperback:


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