This author is winning the game. Are you?

For me, there’s a palpable, almost electric feeling of excitement in taking on a new publishing client, and listening carefully as they describe their perfect book to me.

And it’s intensified when working with a brand new author, especially one as talented as Allison Marie Conway.

When I say brand new, don’t misunderstand. Allison is no stranger to writing; she regularly crafts fabulous blog posts on her popular—and by all appearances very successful—website, Glory Begin, where she’s amassed a substantial following. (She also hosts a podcast and sends out a phenomenal newsletter, and if you haven’t subscribed to either of these yet, you simply must.)

But with Vein, Allison takes her writing—and her business—to the next level. And she stands to gain a lot: A great way to instantly showcase her writing talent to new blog followers. Even more credibility as an author, photographer, spiritual teacher, and podcast host. A new passive income stream as copies of Vein are snatched up. With this project now complete, she can continue to give herself fully to producing daily content that’s “focused on spirituality, sensuality, creativity and inspiration.”

From the very first page, you get the sense that your presence was destined, like you’ve arrived just in time for a meeting of souls arranged by some cosmic force. Each poem, seductive in its minimalism, seems to speak to you on a primal level, leaving you simultaneously satisfied while still wanting more.

Indeed, each word is to be savored, as Allison’s readers can attest. “I am drinking it in slowly,” says one. “Like a fine port.”

Check it out:

If you can manage to take your eyes off the gorgeous cover long enough to open the book, the introduction alone will give you insight into why Allison writes, and what inspires her poetry.

Here’s how she puts it:

I know exactly when a poem is about to pour through.

There is a splitting moment just before it comes that is the most pleasurable frustration.

It’s a ripping surge and an ecstatic tug at the veins. Something physically moves the words into being.

I believe that at some level all artists are physically in tune not only with their work but also with the inspiration that comes before they begin the work.

Before we even pick up a pen or a paintbrush or a camera, we are touched by something.

We are sensationally alerted to the inspirational messages and in some strange way we are guided, prodded, coaxed, tempted, seduced, fingered, stroked, shocked, shoved, and caressed into birthing our mystical creations.

Something outside of us reaches in and decides to do whatever it takes to grab us.

I am completely bewitched by this mysterious flow of energy that moves through my body whenever I have the privilege of writing something that begs to be written. I can’t tell you what that energy is as sure as I can’t tell you what put the blood in my veins but I do promise you this: I can feel it.
I promise you it exists.

And I believe it reaches for all of us in the hopes that we will reach back. We want to touch each other in the most beautiful, intimate, and loving of ways. It is affection, it is reverence, it is selfless, it is real.

Now, if that doesn’t make you want to tear open the book and devour it, nothing will.

You can support Allison by ordering your signed copy of Vein now, and by sharing this post on Facebook:

By the way, how’s your manuscript coming along? Let’s talk about your perfect book.


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