Are you “self” or “traditionally” published? Doesn’t matter, you’re published!

As a community of writers, our deepest desire is simple: we want people to love what we write. Your journey to becoming a published author reflects that.

But you may feel stuck, you may feel discouraged, you may feel uncertain. Sometimes all you need is a little knowledge, sometimes guidance. Other times just a fresh outlook.

And other times, you want to be on the front lines of a revolution.

How? With a new monthly magazine, created specifically for you, the self-publishing author.

Looking directly toward the future—while acknowledging the challenges of the present—this new magazine will give you the information, tools, and resources you need to move forward with your novel, step over the stumbling blocks life throws in your way, and become what you’ve always wanted to be: a published author who’s widely read.

I don’t want anything to stand in your way, so I’m not just clearing the path for you—I’m paving the road.

I believe that self-publishing is the future. I believe that in a few short years, self-published authors will command just as much respect, get reviewed just as often, and occupy the same bestseller lists as traditionally published authors.

The self-publishing industry is getting better—but it needs a big boost. As a self-published author, are you ready to reap all the rewards of traditionally published authors?

Join the revolution! I’ll keep you posted:

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