Get a jump on publishing your novel! 3 easy actions you can take TODAY

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If you’ve already written your first novel, congratulations—that’s something to be immensely proud of. You persisted, you held on to the end, and really, how many people can say they’ve written a novel?

Now let’s take it a step further and turn your masterpiece into a book.

Writers love to write, but it’s important to realize that publishing can be fun, too. Here are 3 easy steps you can take right now that will act as a springboard into the fascinating world of self-publishing. Your book in the bookstore is not far off!

1. Describe your ideal life. Are you hopping around doing book signings while your books sell at bookstores? Or are you out of the public eye, quietly cranking out e-books to support your lifestyle near the beach? Or maybe you write stoically from a snowy village in Japan, while your readers eagerly anticipate your next award winner. All of these are possible, of course, but taking a minute to really picture the life you want will help inform future publishing decisions.

2. Join a community. There are many, but may I suggest mine? It’s easy to drift aimlessly when you’re just getting started. So many options for publishing, so many companies competing for your dollars, it’s little wonder that your head is spinning. Here’s your chance to focus your efforts, and connect with other publishing authors—many of whom are first-timers—and learn and grow together as you share knowledge and get your books out into the world.

3. Go to the bookstore. Head on over to Barnes & Noble or your local, independent bookstore (not a used bookstore, though! I want you to see the new books on display as you enter the store). First step? Walk right past that display and go get a cup of coffee. But once you’re back, take a look at book covers (in your genre, if possible) that strike your fancy and compel you to read. What do you like about them? Run your hand over the cover. Do you like the texture? Most of them have matte finishes these days, as opposed to glossy. Look at images (or lack thereof), fonts, colors used. How about the size of the book? Now picture your name on some of these books, and let the creative juices flow about how you might want your own cover to look.

Woo-hoo, you’re on your way!

I’m Timothy Pike, publishing consultant based in Philadelphia, PA, specializing in helping you publish a beautiful book and get it into the bookstore. Be sure to sign up for more info about my simple publishing system!


2 thoughts on “Get a jump on publishing your novel! 3 easy actions you can take TODAY

  1. I feel like that last one is very important. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is horseshit. We all do it. I actively admit doing it. I’ve bought bad books because the cover was awesome, and I’ve skipped good books because the cover wasn’t.


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