Your book deserves to be published, and here’s the easiest way

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You’ve written it, so now it’s time to get it out there! After all, who’s going to read your book if it’s just sitting on your hard drive?

Over the years, I’ve narrowed the whole book publishing process down to 6 steps that I call “Laptop to Bookstore,” and it takes all the mystery out of self-publishing.

The best part is that it’s so simple.

Ready for step 1?

Editing. This is actually the most exciting part, because it’s where your novel becomes a polished masterpiece, your confidence increases in leaps and bounds, and you can’t wait for people to read it. I talked about editing and why it’s so important a few weeks ago, and now it’s time to take action.

A lot of writers dread working with an editor—mainly because they fear the editor will take their manuscript and turn it into a Jackson Pollock painting—but really, editors are here to help, and it’s easy to work with one. They provide valuable feedback about important things you may have missed, and do it respectfully—making you feel much better about your story, knowing it’s much more clear, concise, and of course, free of embarrassing errors.

And it’s affordable! In fact, here’s a great resource for finding an editor. Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to e-mail a couple of these folks to get a quote and get the ball rolling.

Okay, so that’s step 1 of “Laptop to Bookstore.” I’ll talk about step 2 in the next post!

I’m Timothy Pike, publishing consultant based in Philadelphia, PA, specializing in helping you publish a beautiful book and get it into the bookstore. Be sure to sign up for more info about my simple publishing system!


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