Ho, ho…slow? 3 reasons the holidays are actually the BEST time to write

Pictured: A writer hard at work.

Pictured: A writer hard at work.

I get it. The holidays are like a speed bump built right into the calendar, and writing may be the furthest thing from your mind this time of year. Between shopping trips, preparing big meals, and entertaining guests, it’s easy to set your writing ambitions on the back burner.

And once the egg nog starts flowing, fuhgeddaboudit, amirite?

But taking little breaks and carving out several hours here and there to write can give your spirits a big boost, and make you feel more productive during a traditionally lazy couple of weeks.

Don’t get me wrong: you should relax, you should enjoy the company of family and friends, and you should eat lots of turkey and cranberry sauce. But before you shove your manuscript into the drawer, let me explain why the holidays, in my opinion, are actually the best time to write.

Here are 3 solid reasons to set aside some writing time in between festivities:

1. It’s a great excuse to get away. If you’re an introvert like many of us writers are, and your house is brimming with out-of-town guests for several days or even weeks, you may feel the need to periodically recharge with some alone time. And what better excuse to slip away for an hour or two than telling everyone you have a writing schedule to stick to? Escaping into the world of your novel and tapping out even a few hundred words may just be the best recipe for rejuvenation.

2. Baby, it’s cold outside. With darkness creeping in early these days, make your evenings cozier by writing. Pour a steaming cup of hot cocoa, curl up on your favorite living room chair, and let your story take you away. This season, enjoy peace and quiet whenever you can—in that special spot where the only sounds you can hear are the clickety-clack of your laptop keys, the crackling of the fire, and the whistling of the tea kettle.

3. You’ll stay motivated. If you managed to crank out 50,000 words during, say, a certain November challenge, you might feel like taking December off completely. But instead, stay active and keep your momentum! In fact, one action you can take right now is to sign up for Race to The End, a sprint-to-the-finish challenge that starts on March 1. When you hold yourself accountable for finishing your first draft by the end of March, you’ll be close enough to publishing your first book to taste it. And it’s a wonderful flavor indeed. Learn more about the Race

So keep going! Take advantage of the holidays to make some serious progress on your goal of becoming a published author. While this is a fun, lively time of year, the problem is that when you take too much time off, you risk falling into a writing slump that can be hard to recover from.

And when the solution is to keep doing what you love doing anyway, why would you not?

I’m Timothy Pike, a Philly-based publishing coach who’s ready to help you become a published author—that is, ahem, as soon as you’re ready. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and join my VIP newsletter mailing list!


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