Here’s how to finish your novel faster (and boost your confidence!)

How far along are you with your novel? 10,000 words? 50,000 words? Got a solid first chapter?


Next step: ask another writer to read it. Why? It’ll help you finish your novel a lot faster. The more feedback you get while you’re writing, the stronger your finished first draft will be.

Plus, it’s a confidence booster! Knowing you’re staying on the right track means you can stop fretting about whether readers will enjoy your book.

The other benefit is that when you return the favor and read someone else’s work and give them feedback, you end up learning a lot in the process—and that helps you improve your own writing.

In other words, it’s an upward spiral of confidence and quality.

Here’s how to do it:

First, join the club to get your Facebook group invite:

Then, post in the group with a little info about your manuscript:

  • The genre and what it’s about (a sentence will do)
  • Word count
  • Any specific areas you need feedback in (examples: character development, dialogue, pacing in a certain chapter, or just general comments)

Other writers can private message you with contact info and you can exchange manuscripts. It’s that easy!

Not in the group yet? Request your invite now:


One thought on “Here’s how to finish your novel faster (and boost your confidence!)

  1. I disagree with this. Feedback early on means I’m going to stress over chapter one and not get to chapter two. Writing a novel is like pulling off a bandaid over the course of a hundred days. You need to do it quick and hard so you can get it over with and fix it.

    If I threaten to slow down or stop, the project won’t get finished.

    Plus, while I will field some questions to friends/family/other writers about characters or plot points, I do want the blunt of it to be my own brand of stupidity. Getting too much feedback early on or as you write could alter the plot/characters in ways you don’t expect. I’d rather the plot and characters do that by themselves.

    YMMV though. No wrong way to write a book as long as the book gets written.


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