How many words of your novel have you written?

National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, is a great way to buckle down and type out the first 50,000 words of your novel. However, you might not be finished yet, because most novels contain upwards of 80,000 words, sometimes even more.

Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • Most novels: 70,000–90,000 words
  • Memoirs: 70,000–90,000 words
  • Young adult: 50,000–80,000 words
  • Sci-fi & fantasy: 80,000–125,000 words

So, how far along are you?

Leave a comment below, and let us know a little about what you’re writing!


8 thoughts on “How many words of your novel have you written?

  1. I’m 50,000 words into Shadow Dawn which is fantasy fiction. It’s about the half way mark and the two main characters are Tara who is trying to avoid becoming the ruthless assassin that her father Forbeath, the King, wants her to be, while trying to manage the Lords of the King’s council as her father hasn’t been seen in six months, and Nicholas [who’s father was King previously] wants to bring Forbeath down.

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  2. 37,063. I had planned on finishing during Nanowrimo, but life happened real bad.

    It is a dystopian novel set in the present when a new government is forming immediately following a world wide natural catastrophe. The protagonist had been a regular working mom, until this disaster awakens a dormant gene within her making her a target of the totalitarian government. As she journeys home without the aide of technology to find her son and husband, she slowly realizes why she is so valuable and must devise a way to use that against the government that is hunting her.


  3. Im 13, 756 words into a romance novel called Bad Blood. I’ve posted the first two chapters on my blog. It is about two very contrasting characters, Cas and Matt. Cas is a rich girl with parents who don’t really pay much attention to her life and Matt is a lovely but poorer boy who has just moved into town. They meet on the bus and (SPOILER ALERT: Cas feels that he brings her down on the social ladder too much and so makes his live misery by bullying him)


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