Losing motivation to write? Just remember why you’re doing it

This week, we’ve been talking about how to stay motivated as you write your novel. After all, those 80,000 words aren’t gonna write themselves!

And the stark reality of being a writer is that the words don’t always flow easily from your pen onto the paper.

How to overcome this?

Over the past couple of days, the writers and authors in our community—both here and in our Facebook club— have been imparting their wisdom on this very topic.

What I find most interesting is the common thread that weaves through each piece of advice: often, it helps simply to remember why you’re doing this in the first place.

For instance, can’t seem to get in the writing groove?

Dacia Arnold of britestfyrefly tells us what works for her: “Being read gives me the motivation to write. Is that not the goal of all writers? I enjoy a good honest critique, but it is up to me to produce.”

Andrew Reynolds takes a slightly more matter-of-fact approach. “I write because I have stories to tell,” he says. “I write on a regular schedule because I am determined to get those stories out of my head and in front of readers.”

Can’t argue with that logic. And if it works, it works.

Getting stuck or struggling along the way? That can also lead to a loss of motivation.

Leah Lindeman, author of Redeemed from the Ashes, recently had a loss of motivation as she struggled with pacing toward the end of her novel, but found an excellent resource in her husband. “He loves to problem solve,” says Leah, and the two were able to brainstorm an outline that would help guide Leah to the end.

Her advice for anyone losing steam? “Look at the big picture. My books are part of a series. So what I do is start falling in love with the concept and scope of the book I’m working on and the series. You can do the same with a single novel. Play the story in your head. Daydream about it. Remind yourself why you’re writing it.”

“And,” she adds, “just have fun!”

I think that’s advice we can all use, no matter what we’re writing.

Want more of this? If you’re not in our Facebook discussion club, you’re missing out on some great information and the chance to network with other authors!

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