It’s “Brag Week”! Let’s hear about your writing successes, big and small

Photo credit: Jill Wellington

Photo credit: Jill Wellington

Maybe you just published your second book, and your launch party was a smashing success. Or maybe you’re just proud that you had the self-discipline to sit down and write 1,000 words yesterday.

Big or small, what’s your recent success?

Hey, it feels good to brag every now and then. And here, you’re in good company. Let’s face it: you might not feel comfortable touting your writing accomplishments to your friends, but here, we’re all aspiring to many of the same things, so we can totally relate. Your family, while supportive of your goals, might not fully grasp what an incredible achievement NaNoWriMo was. But we sure will!

So go on, brag. Leave a comment and include a link to your work. And later this week, I’ll put together a blog post about our collective successes.

It’s very motivating to see what other writers have managed to do!

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12 thoughts on “It’s “Brag Week”! Let’s hear about your writing successes, big and small

  1. My success (which may not sound too big) is starting a new manuscript and making it a goal to write 10 pages a week. For me this is huge because I’ve been whittling away and revising the same manuscript for the past couple years. And now to start a new journey is both exciting and a bit daunting. 🙂

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  2. Still digging out (literally from snow, figuratively from November and December). Blogging is occurring despite the chaos. Deadlines have been met, more are looming. It’s going to be a great year! Right now I’m excited to participate in Storystorm, a January daily event for connecting with other writers, brainstorming, and ending the month with at least 31 ideas for future projects. My blog is at If anyone else wants to join Storystorm, visit Tara at Happy New Year!

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  3. Just submitted my second novel to my publisher and feeling pretty smug about it. I shall relish this golden period as no doubt an editor somewhere is tearing it to shreds and by the time I get it back I shall want to cry for about three days.

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  4. I released my second novel. “An Absolute Mind,” not too long ago. It’s a science fiction-adventure about a young woman who finds out she has a genetically evolved, cognitive ability called Absolute Memory. After she is nearly killed by an underground gang who target people like her, she is transported to a secret island for her protection. But upon learning the real forces in charge of the island, she summons the endurance to take action against inaction.

    One of my goals for the year is to get the word out about my novel as much as possible. Does it sound interesting to you? Well, here is it’s Amazon link:

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  5. I released my first book!
    It’s called ‘A Sinister Six: A collection of six darkly disturbing stories’ I love the cover art!
    It’s six stories where the ordinary and mundane become extraordinary and fantastic. It is available on pre-order until 1st Feb. Get 2 additional stories if bout in that period!
    I’ve also completed the formatting for the paperback version.
    NaNo got me 50k words into the next book.

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  6. I haven’t had much accomplished lately for my personal writing since publishing my short story anthology, “Chronicles of Riss”, last year. It’s a “prequel” to my book “Kismet and Tell”. I’ve been caught up in freelance writing on Fiverr instead of writing on my WIP, and have been getting quite a few orders from it that’ve been taking up my time (the curse of being a top seller, I guess). The only personal writing I’ve really gotten to do are posting responses to weekly prompts on my blog. My resolution is to get back to finding time for working more on my WIP and trying to finish it up (might have to take a break from Fiverr to do it, though). Of course, finishing my WIP was my resolution last year and it didn’t quite work out.

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  7. I published my first novel, working with My Dream Book Team, a dream of mine for YEARS!! A huge thank you to everyone who helped me and participated in the process of bringing it into being!!!
    My novel, Mastermind, is a YA fantasy about a 12 yr old girl who had to save three worlds – but the real journey that she has to make is inside her.
    The link, if any of you are interested, is:

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