3 writers who know what it takes to build readership

A sense of community is important when writing, which is why I hosted “Show-and-Tell Week” this week. Whether you’re plugging away on a novel or just blogging, listening to what readers (and other writers) have to say about your work is vital. There’s nothing worse than publishing something nobody wants to read!

That’s one reason I invite you to join our growing community. Join here and you’ll have access to our Facebook discussion group and be able to meet and network with other writers.

And what better way to invite readers into your world than ask for feedback?

Here are 3 writers who did, just this week:

  • Frank Parker got some input on his article, “30 Raids,” and is looking for more. It’s a quick trip back in time, and very well written.
  • Care to steam things up? Have a read of Tiffany Doran’s “Love or Lust,” and let her know what you think. You may be switching your hot coffee order to iced this morning, just so you know!
  • Steve Boseley posted “Part 1 of Merle and Lucia’s Story” and would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe, uh, eat breakfast after reading this one.

Check all of these out in the comments section of Monday’s blog post, and feel free to add your own comments.

And before you go, join our community! Get your VIP invite here



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