writing = ?

writing = sanity
writing = my first epic novel
writing = a way for me to share my thoughts

Writing, as I’ve come to find out, represents a lot of different things for different people. For some, there’s simply a story inside that needs to get out. For others, it’s dreams of having tons of readers who love their work. Still others aren’t really sure why they’re doing it—it’s just something they enjoy.

As part of Dream Week, I invite you to share what writing brings to your life. Bonus points if you dream a bit!


writing = ?

Let’s hear your answers below!


10 thoughts on “writing = ?

  1. Writing is a doorway to whole other worlds, populated by whole different people. It’s a universe of possibility, a treasure chest waiting to be opened, a galaxy of magic *just for me*, unique, that only I can see THESE worlds.
    It’s an escape from all the pressures of constant reality. It keeps me sane (as you already said). It’s a world of infinite possibilities, where you can create anything, any dang thing you want.
    It’s a thousand people whispering their stories to me.
    It’s treasure that gets brighter and richer the more it’s shared, a cage of birds inside me being set free.
    It’s a universe built of words that, no matter how many words you try and use, can’t be captured, explained, measured, or quantified. It’s emotion and magic and wonder and mystery, and all the more beautiful because I don’t understand it all or all it is to me.

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  2. Writing…
    Dreaming with the written word.
    Spending hours pecking away at the typewriter…or in my case right now, the cell phone. Listening to every click made as your dreams spill onto the screen and/or paper. I’m a story teller. I have a hard time with one liners. If you give me a topic, I’ll give you a book. That’s just how my mind works. Writing to me you ask? Just being who I am…freely with no holding back, sharing my inner most thought in my outer most word. Will people enjoy it? Not my decision to make, it’s theirs. I write because I love, I write because…I live.

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