Join a writing community that dreams big

For “Dream Week,” our community hasn’t been shy about envisioning where we’ll be in 5 years’ time.

Do you have big plans for your writing future like we do? If so, I invite you to join our growing writing community!

Here are just some of our dreams:

Tiffany Doran will be living on the water in 2022. “Looking out my window not seeing a row of houses, but instead a row of boats tied to a dock,” she describes. “And the ocean greeting me with every wave.” As the family pets laze peacefully in front of the bay window, she reflects on how she got here: “Hard work shows and grows character. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I knew that I would have to work harder than someone who was. But in the end, I’ll appreciate it even more.”

Kat Frost isn’t wasting a second achieving her five-year vision. “My goal is to release one book a year, and I’m getting there.” (Indeed she is—wanna see her first novel?) With plenty of time in her near-future life to attend writing conferences and retreats, she’s able to meet some of her favorite authors and role models. “The future is bright with promise,” she says. “Maybe dreams do come true, after all.”

In five years, Dacia‘s kids will be in school, and she looks forward to spending time in her own space, writing. Writing what, you ask? “Probably something that raises my blood pressure, because those are the most exciting,” she says, adding that she’ll be “comfortable and happy, mulling over movie ideas for my books as well as coming up with new concepts and story lines from my original releases.”

We dream big here, but we also take big action.

Won’t you join us?


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