Writers, it’s time to brag! Let’s hear about your success

Photo credit: Jill Wellington

Photo credit: Jill Wellington

It’s Monday morning, so let’s go ahead and dive right into Brag Week, shall we?

Anyone can participate in Brag Week. Whether you published a book—or just published a blog post that got you some extra traffic—or anything in between, no success is too small!

[If nothing springs to mind, check out some of last month’s brags for some inspiration]

Bragging has many benefits. It helps you see the progress you’ve made, and realize that even the smallest accomplishments can move you forward. It encourages you to set new goals, while holding you accountable for the ones you’ve already set (even if they’re just micro-goals).

Bragging also fosters a sense of community, because when you brag here, we all get it! We’re all in this together, and we’re inspired to do more when we see others succeeding. Even more powerful is our Facebook author network, which you can join here.

In the meantime, comment below with your recent writing success, and be sure to include a link to your work!

4 thoughts on “Writers, it’s time to brag! Let’s hear about your success

  1. I set a goal last week to do 1,000 words in my novel. Today, as of about ten minutes ago, I broke my ten-thousand word mark!! I haven’t ever written that many words with anything before. Major accomplishment for me. Also, that’s about 9,000 words more that what I said!! I thank my husband for helping me accomplish that. I also worked on my facebook page for my writing and tweaking little things with that as well as getting a few more likes and follows to that page as well! It’s been a great week for all things writing! Never quit, Never give up!

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  2. Alas I have my website up and running (after years of writing and blogging elsewhere). In addition, I wrote and submitted an essay about my now grown daughter’s undiagnosed ADD- that story has been percolating for years, so it felt good to write it out and edit it.

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