3 reasons you should NEVER feel guilty about staying in to write (even on a Friday night!)

Have you ever found yourself at home on a weekend night, with no plans and no desire to make any, feeling an urge to write that’s so delicious you can almost taste it? Happens to me all the time!

The solution: light a crackling fire, brew yourself a steaming pot of decaf, and make it a writing night.

If you aren’t the going-out-to-party type—or you simply need a night in—here are three reasons you should never feel guilty about staying in to write.

You’re being productive. If you’re hard at work on a book that you intend to publish, then writing is your job and you’re at work. It doesn’t matter if writing is your favorite activity ever—that just means you’re one of the lucky few who love their job. And it’s easy to take your job more seriously when the world is now taking self-published authors more seriously than ever before.

You love to write. Do you lose track of time when you write? I think it’s safe to say most of us enjoy it that much. But let’s face it, it’s not exactly a family activity. That’s what weekends are for: with the rest of the household out makin’ trouble in the neighborhood, you’ll finally have some much needed peace and quiet. Friday writing nights are starting to look mighty appealing, aren’t they?

It’s a cozy time of year. Why go outside where it’s cold when you could stay inside where it’s warm? To me, there’s no better feeling than watching snow fall lazily on the other side of the window, while I’m curled up indoors putting ink to paper. In my experience, that’s when the ideas flow more freely. Bonus points if you have a fireplace!

So this weekend, settle in, open your laptop, and feel nothing but the thrill of being a writer who’s working hard to become a published author.

Speaking of writing, March is coming up! Have you signed up for the 10K Word Count Writing Challenge yet? Don’t get left out, er, in the cold.

I’m Timothy Pike, a Philly-based publishing coach helping you become a published author and live the writing life of your dreams. Be sure to join our Author Success Network to connect with other authors and get answers to your writing and publishing questions!


6 thoughts on “3 reasons you should NEVER feel guilty about staying in to write (even on a Friday night!)

  1. This one line: “feeling an urge to write that’s so delicious you can almost taste it?” perfectly illustrates exactly how I feel when I get the urge to write. Love it. My plan this friday night is so going to be writing, friends be damned ahahaha 🙂

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