It’s growing! A writing challenge that involves all of us

More and more writers are hopping on board for the first ever 10K Word Count Writing Challenge this March!

I’m beaming. Why?

It’s heartening to know so many are eager to rise to the challenge and make headway on their novels—10,000 words of headway, to be exact. And the opportunity to have others read it, and even provide some initial feedback, is alluring.

Now, all we need is you.

If you think you can write 10,000 words during the month of March, come on down.

Here’s everything you need to know.

If 10,000 words sounds like a lot, look at it this way: that’s less than 350 words each day. And in my post on micro-goals, this is exactly the approach I recommend. When you break down a large writing task into smaller ones, it looks a whole lot more manageable.

Today, take the very first step. Sign up for the Challenge, and prepare yourself to have a solid chunk of your novel written by the end of March!

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