Are you in a “writing rut”? Here’s what to do

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
—Eleanor Roosevelt

There’s a fundamental desire dwelling deep in our hearts as writers: we all want people to read and like what we’ve written. That’s why a lot of us have blogs, right? To get more people to read, and then watch the “likes” roll in? It means people are enjoying our work.

But often, we hide in plain sight. How? By not letting what we truly want to express come out through our writing. Even though we are actively blogging, we may be stifling what we really want to say. You know, hiding in plain sight.

Maybe you’re writing a novel and your readers just aren’t connecting. Maybe you feel you need many more blog followers before you even think about publishing anything—just to feel more confident about your writing. Maybe you’re “all out of ideas,” and experiencing writer’s block.

You might be in a rut. It happens to me, too.

Why does it happen? Because of fear. Because the alternative is to make yourself vulnerable through your writing, and when you do that, you’re inviting deep hurt, disappointment, and the terrifying possibility of failure.

That may sound dramatic, but for so many of us, it’s real. These are genuine fears lurking just below the surface of what we present to the world. And it’s another way we’re hiding in plain sight.

How to get past this?

Step outside your comfort zone, and get “real.” As cheesy as it sounds, write something from the heart. Say what you want to say, and don’t worry about what your readers might think. If you have a blog, post something that you consider risky, and see what happens.

No matter what happens, you’ll be a stronger person and a better writer for it. Just remember to rinse and repeat, because once is not enough.

Fear of feedback?

If you’re wary of receiving feedback on your writing—and hesitant to even ask anyone to read your work—here’s a way to conquer those fears: Enter the 10K Word Count Writing Challenge, starting on March 1. You can earn more and sign up for it here.

The idea behind this? Stare down your fears, take a step outside your comfort zone, and remember Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice: do something every day that scares you!

Comment below: what’s one step you can take today?


One thought on “Are you in a “writing rut”? Here’s what to do

  1. Do Something everyday that scares you…Good idea. I just sent my Children’s books off for feedback. Scary?? Very. No one like rejection or negative feedback but…even though it’s scary, you can turn negative feedback into a positive. Take their opinions, look at your work and see if what they said applies. If it does, change it. After all, they are your future audience.


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