When it comes to writing and publishing books, THIS is how you make things happen

Lots of activity and buzz in our writer community this week!

Tiffany Doran would like some feedback on two of her children’s books, geared towards kids 5–9 years old. “One, I would like to have as a series and the other one will not be,” she explains in our networking group. “I need some feedback on these. Would anyone like to help?”

Nikki Young has re-designed her writing website and wants to know what you think. She’s also giving away a free short story e-book, which is an intro to her upcoming novel, The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants. It’s due out in April—and wow…check out the awesome cover!

And speaking of awesome covers…

Vicki Roberts just published her latest work, Oldsters. “It’s perfect inside and out,” she declares. “Took three proofs to get it right, but worth it!”

The writers in our community aren’t just talking the talk, they’re walking the walk and making things happen.

Join us!

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3 thoughts on “When it comes to writing and publishing books, THIS is how you make things happen

  1. Thanks. I’m currently working on a total re-write of my first novel, including title change. I’m taking a 12-week course through WordPress. Currently on lesson #5. Getting some good feedback there. I do miss the word count checker on ReadPlayWrite, though. Lol. I’m getting there, though.


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