Want to be an award-winning writer by next month? Here’s how

It’s official! We’ll be presenting authors with awards for excellence in several categories during March’s 10K Word Count Writing Challenge.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you could be a regular writer one day, and an award-winning writer literally the next.

Many writers assume that in order to receive an award, they need not just a published book, but a slew of good reviews, and the patience to slog through a lengthy submission process. That’s not always the case! The truth is, you can win an award at any stage of the writing process, including when you’re working on your first draft. An award is an award, no matter when you win it!

We’ll be recognizing both raw writing ability and how well your manuscript-in-progress is received by readers during the Challenge. Remember, part of the Challenge is to ask 10 people to read your work.

If you are the recipient of one of our awards, and you go on to finish your book and publish it, guess what? As soon as your book is published, you’ll be an award-winning author with an award-winning book on your hands. Now that’s exciting!

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