With all the signups for this Writing Challenge, I’m getting excited!

The upcoming 10K Word Count Writing Challenge is going to be, in a word…


What is it? It’s your chance to write 10,000 words of your novel.

Don’t miss this opportunity to start—or continue—that novel you’ve been meaning to write. Getting in on this first-ever Challenge will give you a huge head start (and confidence boost), and even get your writing in front of an audience.

You could even become an award-winning author in the process.

Writing 10,000 words in a month, while challenging, shouldn’t be overwhelming. That’s just over 300 words a day—which means if you can write a few paragraphs each day, you’ve got this.

And as long as you know 10 people—family, friends, co-workers—who would be glad to help you out by reading your work, consider that part all but done.

A big project like writing a novel is best tackled one step at a time, and here’s your chance to dive right in.

Official registration is now open!