A novel takes shape: Apparent Power by Dacia Arnold

Author Dacia Arnold

A young medical receptionist. An apocalyptic disaster that awakens a dormant gene in a small segment of the population. To a ruthless government bent on morphing into a totalitarian regime, these genes are useful, but Valerie Russell’s even rarer genes are indispensable.

Stranded in central Colorado, a hundred miles from home—and from her two-year-old son—Valerie quickly becomes the target of a government plot for domination. Racing against the clock, Valerie tries desperately to get home to her family, avoid capture, and defeat the dark, rising power that so badly wants her genes.

Sound exciting?

During the month of March, on ChapterBuzz, a dedicated group of writers have been tirelessly pursuing a singular goal: to write 10,000 words.

Today, I’m showcasing one of those writers, Dacia Arnold, who met the Challenge goal of 10,000 words—and then some—with her novel, Apparent Power.

Dacia, great job on your novel so far. Do you have a favorite passage?

So far, this one’s my favorite:

Austin lay lifeless under her hands. She searched his eyes, silently praying he would return. His energy had not faded, but he was not there. Out of desperation, she began chest compressions. Only when Aaron wrapped his arms over hers did she let the defeat over take her.

The night, the blood, the lifeless man that lay in front of her haunted her. She saw her mother there where Hyka’s father lay. Why would she have picked the most impossible of crafts? Charged with saving lives and be completely incapable of it. She saved hundreds of lives but when love was involved she failed every time. Was this to be the fate of all those closest to her? Was Caleb’s life doomed and her mission pointless?

Hyka walked toward Valerie but stopped short and pointed a blade at her.

“Is this what you wanted? Was your information worth it? You might not want the cards you were dealt, but guess what, Princess. This will not stop. It’s them or us, and you need to figure out real quick where you stand.” Hyka yelled, her words like poison to Valerie.

“Hyka…” Austin whispered from where he was laying. She lowered the knife she had pointed at Valerie and stepped quickly back to her father. “It’s alright. I’m fine. Just a little weak.” Griffin brought Austin a bottle of water and helped Hyka prop him up to drink.

“She did it. I can’t believe she did it.” Griffin said quietly to himself.

Why is this your favorite passage?

Hyka is one of my favorite characters, even though she is a secondary to the protagonist, Valerie. In this scene, Hyka’s father was shot in the head and the protagonist was asked to fix him somehow. Initially, it would appear that she failed. Hyka, who normally has a stoic demeanor and textbook “resting bitch face,” becomes angry and shows far more outward emotion than you are used to seeing from her character.

Within a few paragraphs, you realize that the protagonist was successful in bringing her friend back to life and healing his wounds, but not after Hyka has some choice words with her.

The scene shows a dynamic of character emotion, and is a rollercoaster for the reader.

Join us! Read Apparent Power in its evolving entirety, and let Dacia know what you think. Together we can help her fine-tune her manuscript into a published novel readers will love.

(And if you start posting chapters from your own novel, you could be featured here too, discussing your favorite passage.)