Two Candidates Walk Into a Bar, and an author makes his book a reality

Author Nick Edinger

Nick Edinger has good reason to brag this week: he finished March’s 10K Word Challenge by writing 10,000 words for his novel, Two Candidates Walk Into a Bar.

Amal and Henry are comedians—and best friends—who are hired as digital strategists by rival presidential campaigns to create election-winning memes. But as the election heats up, and their work receives national media coverage, things get personal. Meanwhile, a third-party candidate they both hate is on the rise. Will the two be able to keep the other candidate out of office and salvage a friendship that’s been tested to the limit?

It’s a story in progress, but I asked Nick what his favorite passage was so far, and why. Here it is:

Amal took a large step outside. The dark morning air hit Amal like a slap, and he breathed it in. Even a flat town like Chandler looked like a painting, with dancing lights and smooth sidewalks and the smell of desert all around, at 12:30 in the morning. It was morning…and after tonight, Amal could never practice for what comes next.

Amal looked to his left. Henry was on the bench with Frederick the Drunk. Amal would have to reveal something important to Henry during their hangout tonight, and somehow say “I must be dead honest with you now,” without Henry making gay jokes. But in the meantime, he contented himself with watching Henry, discretely, pass the blue-dye vodka glass to a proud Frederick the Drunk.

According to Nick:

“Chapter 1 concludes with some foreshadowing of what’s to come, and it feels like a complete ending within itself. It’s the end of a blissful friendship. The partnership between Amal and Henry will begin to break down after this scene. Yet this culmination captures the thrill of leaving a show well preformed, coupled with hope for the future. When the blue-dye vodka hits the fan later on, there will be sadness over a lost friendship that seemed real, even though (and because) the novel takes a lot of time to develop it. Any sadness will derive from the loss of future moments like this. Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar will comment on politics, Internet culture, and comedy… yet it’s scenes like these that anchor those comments to reality.”

Read what Nick’s got so far, and help him write the rest!


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