The world can be ugly. But these two found a beautiful love for each other

Coming soon to a bookshelf near you.

It had been almost five years since Katie had seen him last. After a fire almost destroyed her daddy’s farm, Matthew Fuller destroyed her heart. But a newly hired farmhand, by the name of William “Buck” Brady, had plans of fixing everything that was in the path of destruction—including Katie.

Tiffany Doran has been working day and night on her latest romance novel, Desires of the Heart, and it’s available for your reading pleasure on ChapterBuzz.

Here’s the part Tiffany says is her favorite. Notice it’s not clear who “he” is—Tiffany has promised to reveal that at the appropriate time!

They lay in the lush green grass of the fields on the soft white quilt he brought for star gazing. She lay her head back on his out stretched arm and sighed a deep long refreshing sigh. He turned to look at her, taken aback by her soft ivory complexion, her emerald green eyes and her sweet smelling auburn hair. He felt like the luckiest man in the world to be able to be here with her on this warm summer night. “Is that the Big Dipper?” Katie asked as she pointed to the dark midnight sky. “Nah, I believe that is the little dipper actually,” he said in return smiling. He rolled over to one arm and gazed into her emerald eyes. Her smile of acknowledgement to the fact that he was staring at her turned into a chuckle then an outright laugh. She too rolled to one arm and met his gaze, nose touching nose. “I bet you want to kiss me don’t you?” She asked playfully. He loved the twinkle in her eye. “Well, it does seem like the perfect timing for one I would say, wouldn’t you?” he asked.

“You gotta catch me first!” Katie said laughing as she took off running. He laughed in return and ran to catch her. All of a sudden, thunder crashed and the skies let loose. In the blink of an eye, a pop-up summer rain storm had rolled through. Katie laughed even harder at the fact that it was raining and they were soaked to the bone by the warm summer’s rain. He caught her and wrapped his arms around her petite waist. Face to face and eye to eye. They laughed breathlessly as a drop of rain ran down her nose. His kiss was long and passionate. Rain fell hard around them but at that point in time they didn’t have a care in the world. They had each other and that’s all that mattered. He stepped back from her and got down on one knee. Katie gasped with tears beginning to form in her eyes. He pulled a box from his very wet jean pocket. “I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you, Katie,” he said, staring up at her beautiful face. You are my everything, I love your laugh, your heart and your sweet spirit and I just can’t imagine my life without you in it. Please make me the happiest man alive. Will you marry me?”

Tiffany explains why this is her favorite passage:

This passage is about a strong passionate bond between two people. A bond that is distinguishable not only by their touch, but by their energies when they’re around one another as well. This is my favorite passage because in a world full of ugly circumstances, they found something beautiful: their love for each other.

Be sure to stop by Tiffany’s ChapterBuzz page and read more!


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