Author Interview: Fiona Una, master fantasy writer

Author Fiona Una brought it in March when she participated in the ChapterBuzz 10K Word Count Challenge with her current novel-in-progress, Nightingale: Section 1 of the Grimoire.

Tasked with writing 10,000 words that month, she decided that producing over 13,000 would be much better, and ended up carving out quite a chunk of her novel. So far she’s shared the first chapter publicly, but we’re looking forward to reading the rest very soon.

I was curious about her project, so I asked her a few questions.

Fiona, can you tell us briefly what Nightingale is about?

Rogue is just an honest thief. Seryna is the Prince’s daughter carrying a heavy burden. Together they agree to help each other out in an encounter that should have let them part ways. But fate disagreed, and suddenly Seryna and Rogue find themselves on an unplanned adventure that will, in time, lead them to the purpose they had both desperately sought.

From what you’ve written so far, what’s your favorite passage?

I love this passage because instead of Rogue deciding to help Seryna because of destiny and fate or whatever, it alarms her more that the girl is in a tavern drinking. You can almost sense that Rogue feels responsible for Seryna, which is why she didn’t really argue about helping her. Then later on in the tunnel, she reminds me of a mother who has been asked to pick their child up from school early because of misbehavior.

“When you say ‘conscripted,’ I’m guessing it isn’t the type where I can just disappear for a few days and then go home.”

“You can either assist Seryna with her goal, or you can be conscripted into a lifetime of service under my leadership.”

“And why do you care about Seryna?”

“She will unite a cause that we desperately need, but she will fail without you.”

“I tried to tell her that going to the Mountain was dangerous–”

“Getting to the Mountain will be a trial on its own,” Vallonya said, “So you’d best hurry up and meet her before she gets any further.”

“So where is she?”

“Where you last left her. She’s quite taken with the tavern actually.”

“Please tell me that doesn’t mean what I think it does.”

Vallonya smirked, “Good luck.”

And that was how Rogue found herself stuck in a tunnel again, cursing and swearing for the entire two-hour journey, whilst marvelling about her ability to get back into the jeweller’s passage.

Lirionport was a small town on the coast, much further down the Vexvoid Mountains, and was originally built by fishermen who recognized the value of fishing on the Lirion Expanse. It reeked of seaweed and fish, but it was generally a friendly town, mostly populated by humans, but occasionally you would see the odd elf or even on rare occasions, dwarf, trying to start a life by picking up work when they could find it.

Be sure to check out Nightingale, Fiona’s story-in-progress!

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