Fantasy author Kat Frost: This scene makes me “feel like smiling and crying all at once”

Fantasy author Kat Frost

Sajia Tiet’fa would give anything to die. She is an Eternal, cursed to come back to life each time she dies. Eternals are forced to fight battles not their own, and die over and over again until their minds snap; no one survives a hundred deaths.

Sajia is given a last chance to prove herself. Soon, she is leaping from death to death, closer each time to that fateful one hundred, caught up in a whirlwind centered around one man she can’t seem to get away from—even if she wanted to. Sajia embarks on an epic mission to change the course of the future, but the price might be too high. Just how much is she willing to sacrifice?

That’s the thrilling premise of Kat Frost’s latest fantasy novel, Born to Die. After making over 40,000 words’ worth of progress (yes, that’s forty thousand) during March’s ChapterBuzz 10K Word Count Challenge, it won’t be long before Kat is ready to add another published book to her repertoire.

Read on to find out why Kat’s favorite scene in her story so far is this one:

Kiernan stood up and faced me, holding out a hand.

I was an Eternal, a warrior. This wasn’t a warrior thing to do. No. I was Sajia Tiet’fa. What do you want, Sajia?

I took his hand as the violins introduced a new song, and he guided me onto the dance floor.

“Just follow my lead.” He smiled down at me, and the reason we were here faded from my mind. Left, right, back, twirl, catch his hand. The rhythm sang in my blood. He was right—this was easy. My feet floated over the floor, and I caught myself thinking: I could stay like this forever. The music soared and I spun and spun.

“Don’t fly away,” Kiernan chuckled, catching my hand and pulling me back into his arms. I laughed with delight. I’d never felt so happy ever before. “Saj…” His eyes were startled, and he hesitated slightly in the dance. “When you laugh…your smile…” I’d never seen him lost for words. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered, tightening his hand on mine.

I looked up into his face, breathless; stunned. I started to say something—but didn’t know what—forgetting to dance. This moment was magic, and the world froze for it. “I—” I began, but was interrupted by the big bell chiming over Varmouth. Midnight. The spell shattered.

We separated, loss tugging at my heart. We had a crown to steal and a world to save, but I wanted to keep dancing forever.

In Kat’s own words:

I love this scene because it’s both so happy and sad at the same time. She’s discovering love, happiness, who she truly is deep down and not what they’ve made her to be, and beginning to find a reason to live. But at the same time, she’s died 97 times and she knows that it’s only a matter of time before she loses it all. This scene gets me every time, and I feel like smiling and crying all at once.

We’re looking forward to seeing this book in print! For now, be sure to read it as it evolves in real time on Kat’s ChapterBuzz page.

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