Award-winning author Barry B. Wright: “Fear is somehow not part of my journey”

Author Barry B. Wright

If you were to head up to Brampton, Ontario—which is near Toronto—and ring the doorbell at the home of award-winning author Barry B. Wright, he might not answer right away. In fact, he might not even hear it.


Because this prolific thriller novelist is probably holed up in his study at this very moment, tapping away on his keyboard. Currently in the midst of what can only be described as an all-out writing and publishing blitz, Barry has just finished one novel, plans to finish the next before the summer is out, begin yet another in the fall and finish it by spring, and very soon—perhaps without even pausing for a breath—trot out the first chapter of a fantasy novel for feedback and suggestions.

And in between all this, the short stories.

“While I’m writing novels I always take time for short story writing,” he explains. “Why? Often to test new ideas, challenge me in a different way, keep my writing skills sharp and just to provide variety to my day.”

“As an author, I bring to life characters, stories and worlds that would otherwise not exist without me. Every time I sit down to write, I feel like a child beginning a new adventure.” —Barry B. Wright

It should come as no surprise, then, that Barry somehow found time to win the “Challenge Choice” award in March during the ChapterBuzz 10K Writing Challenge for his novel-in-progress, Angel Maker.

How is he able to maintain such a grueling writing schedule?

One reason could be his bold approach to novel writing: “I don’t meticulously outline a book, then sit down behind my keyboard and begin writing,” Barry explains. “That’s just not my style of writing. I like that sense of mystery that comes from not really being sure what’s going to happen.”

That spontaneity, he says, “often leads to unexpected surprises.”

Or perhaps his success can be attributed, at least in part, to the determination and grit he brings to his craft.

“Fear,” says Barry, “is somehow not part of my journey. Wide eyed, excited, and full of enthusiasm, I venture on.”

Be sure to stop by and read Barry’s award-winning book, Angel Maker.

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