Writing prompt, anyone? Let’s get that river of creative energy raging

Today’s visual writing prompt: Your favorite character somehow ends up in this setting. What is he or she thinking (or saying) right now?

For inspiration, think about how your character would react to a setting like this, the events that may have led your character here in the first place, or any surprises that await.

Photo credit: Ales Krivec

You can write as much as you want, but 35–40 words is plenty. Why only 35–40 words? I want to give you a taste of everyday life in the Page-a-Week Writers Club.

Post your response below, and star any others your like!

Then, find out more about the soon-to-be-launched Page-a-Week Club:


15 thoughts on “Writing prompt, anyone? Let’s get that river of creative energy raging

  1. It took her a few moments to realise she’d stumbled upon the disused Skukuza railway which had been abandoned shortly after the train wreck that Sam’s grandfather had helped to drag bodies from nearly a hundred years before. She paused a moment to catch her breath, relief threatened momentarily to overwhelm her with tears. She had found a path that could lead her to safety, as long as it wasn’t also a path favoured by the lions and other carnivores that roamed the park around her.

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  2. It was a trip down memory lane. Dirk and Janet used to leave the car in the parking lot at the depot, and walk along the side of the tracks, holding hands. Every Saturday just before sunset, rain or shine, they would walk to their special spot where the bench they had placed at a wide area still stood. There would watch the mountains deepen in shadow as the sun splashed guilded colors across the sky. But Janet was gone now, killed not far from this very spot, chased from her office across from the depot by an unknown robber. The attacker had bludgeoned her head, stolen her purse, and never used her credit cards. Not even a trace of her driver’s license.

    Something caught his eye in the bushes. What was it? It looked like another body. Dirk reached up his hand to wipe sweat from his brow. That was when he realized he’d been crying.

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    This is so great! Timothy Pike has started a new class for aspiring writers, building their confidence and spurring them on to achievement. I’m in, even though I’m sort of between a novice and a getting-paid author. But that’s okay. I write for the Lord, and He will guide me with a lot of help from my friends. Reblogged from https://whatinspiresyourwriting.wordpress.com

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  6. Dacia, I’ll bet you could create a whole series of books from your husband’s line of work. I’ll keep your family in my prayers. I was a military wife for eight years, sometimes never being sure when my husband would get home. But at least it was peace time so I didn’t have to worry so much about battle as about him being safe in the storms when he was in the Coast Guard.

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