What is your writing goal?

What’s your writing goal for the coming month?

The clearer you are about a goal, the easier it is to envision the outcome—and achieve it.

For example, a writer might say, “I’ll work on my novel as much as I can this month.”

That’s not a goal!

But “I plan to have 1,000 words written” is a lot more specific. It’s also a lot more actionable (you know exactly what you need to do to get there: write the words) and measurable (just look at the word count to see if you made it).

By the way, if writing 1,000 words sounds like a goal you’d like to set, join us in the Page-a-Week Writers Club. It’s a great way to make steady progress on your book, even with life getting in the way!

And don’t be afraid to set more ambitious goals—if you have some extra time on your hands and you’re charging full speed ahead, your goal might be “I plan to write Chapters 1–3 this month.” Or “I plan to have my entire novel outlined and be ready to start writing.”

Both are specific. Actionable. Measurable.

So, what’s your goal for the next month?

Feel free to share your answer with us below!

6 thoughts on “What is your writing goal?

  1. I know it’s a page a week but I’m going to shoot for 1,000 words a week during the June writing challenge. My target is 30,000 by the close of October and publish by the new year. UGH!!! That’s so intimidating.

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  2. Being specific is key! I’m my own worst enemy, as I always find the loop holes in my own goals if they aren’t specific enough. “Write as much on this as you can” turns into “Well I have written some, so that counts”.


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