Your story will be your gift to the world. Ready to give it?

Inside every writer, there’s a story poised and ready to jump out onto the paper.

And it’s a story that needs to be shared.

How do I know this? Because what I’ve learned over many years of working with authors is that if it’s worth writing, it’s worth sharing.

In other words, your story will be your gift to the world. Remember that last book you read and loved? Suppose that writer had decided nobody would like the story. Suppose J.K. Rowling, for instance, had given up after just a few of the many rejection letters she received?

The entire world of Harry Potter would be languishing in a drawer somewhere. And Harry Potter was certainly a literary gift to me.

Bottom line: you might be surprised by how many people will fall in love with your words.

So no more hesitation! Whether you’re eager to take that first step, or feeling a lot of resistance as you wrap things up, join us today and keep moving forward.

Like, comment, share! After all, the more writers we can reach, the more presents we’ll have to unwrap.


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