Becoming a first-time published author is “the best feeling there is in the world”

Fantasy author Kat Frost

If the name Kat Frost sounds familiar, it’s because this young fantasy author, known around here for her tenacity, has been making headlines on this blog for quite some time.

And guess what? She’s now published her first book, Mastermind—through my “Total Published Author” program—and couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

Although this 2017 release is the first of many (she’s already hard at work on another), there’s just something about seeing your work in print for the first time.

At what point did Kat feel the biggest sense of accomplishment?

“That moment when I held the physical book in my hands,” she reflects. “My cover choice. My title invention. My name on the front. The words inside all ones I’d labored over and spent uncounted hours birthing into the world and shaping into the best novel I had the ability to make it. Actually holding it, flipping through and reading the words I’d read a thousand times—my words—is the best feeling there is in the world.”

Mastermind is the story of Alex, a twelve-year-old girl who wakes up in a strange place after being knocked unconscious in a horseback-riding accident. There she encounters a mysterious Phoenix, who tells her about three worlds that are in dire need of her help, and soon embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, waging battle against a slew of fierce enemies while slowly fading into a ghost—in a race against time to save these worlds and get back home.

It’s an intriguing premise. And as you read the novel, it’s clear that Kat’s passion for writing—her enthusiasm for the craft—adds an extra layer of excitement to this epic adventure.

Of course, there’s also the excitement of publishing for the first time, a feeling that won’t be wearing off anytime soon.

“I still can’t get over it,” she says. “It’s still every bit as surreal and wondrous and impossible as ever, every time I hold it.”

Mastermind is available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. Find out more about Kat Frost on her blog and on her ChapterBuzz page.

And stay tuned for the next installment when Kat explains her process for writing novels!

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