What’s your Authorship Tier? Just taking a survey

The soon-to-be-launched Page-a-Week Writers Club is open to all writers who find themselves with very little time (or even the dreaded writer’s block), but still want to make progress on their novels.

It’s a personalized motivation program that doesn’t require a lot of commitment, yet is a powerful way to keep moving closer to your dream of being a published author.

And to further customize your experience in the Club, I’d like to get a sense of where you are.

Which Authorship Tier best represents where you are in your writing & publishing journey?

Tier I. No published books on the market, but wanting to write one. Currently, no completed chapters.

Tier II. No published books on the market, but working on it! At least one chapter completed.

Tier III. One published book on the market, either e-book or print. Co-authored books count as long as your name (or your pen name) appears on the book, but inclusion in an anthology does not count for the purposes of this Authorship Tier system.

Tier IV. 2–4 published books on the market.

Tier V. 5 or more published books on the market.

Comment below & let us know which one you are. Also, include a link to your book or current writing project so we can see what you’re working on!

And if you’re curious about the Page-a-Week Writers Club, be curious no more:


18 thoughts on “What’s your Authorship Tier? Just taking a survey

  1. Tier IV. Having a degree in mathematics, I was honored to be included as a co-author for the first mathematics textbook series in Canada for Prentice-Hall a number of years ago. It was called “Mathscope.” And, in 2012, my first novel “Betrayal of Trust” was published. So, I guess that puts me in tier IV. Presently, I’m in the process of completing my second novel “Angel Maker.” Other projects underway by me may be seen on chapterbuzz.com. To obtain a fuller ‘picture’ of my writing check out wrightba.com.

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  2. Don’t know how I missed this the first time around, but better late than never, as the saying goes. I’m Tier III. I have one novel on the market, an ebook published by Amazon.com. Working on a trilogy, a re-write of my first novel which didn’t sell due to lack of marketing and business savvy, and some other stories with a beginning written, but no structure yet.

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  3. Sheeew, finally a day off and I can catch up! I am a Tier IV. I have two children’s books published on Amazon. You can find them at Amazon.com/author/tiffanydoran
    I am ecstatic to finally have stepped out of fear and into faith and did something I love and really wanted to accomplish. Me? A published author? It’s something as a child, I only drempt of and now…it’s finally my reality!

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  4. If short stories count as a book, then I’m Tier IV, with one short story and one book. I am also just about to send my next full book to a proofreader and hope to have it published at end June/ early July ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I’m delighted to say I’m Tier IV, with “The Call of the Spectacled Owl: An Artist’s Journey thru History, the Amazon, and Spirit (with Travel Tips)” published last year. (Which my daughter, Coriander, describes as, “Mom’s spiritual journey with comic commentary by Coriander.”)
    I also have “Strange Tales of Floyd County, VA,” ghost stories, Fortean tales, UFO sightings, etc., all collected from Floyd County, VA.
    My first book,”Naked Morsels: Short Stories of Spiritual Erotica,” a collection of erotic stories that have deep emotional connection. That’s the book that started it all because it didn’t fit into anybody’s category so I decided to self-publish!
    I am currently deeply buried in a book of Slavic Magic that I have been working on 12 to 14 hours a day for the past three months. You might be able to guess that I am incredibly excited about this project! I’m going to the Carpathian Mountains (Poland/Slovakia/Ukraine) next month for more research. I’m aiming for a Spring 2018 release date.

    And thanks again, Tim, because you’ve been a great cheering section!
    – Patricia Robin Woodruff

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