IV (or V) reasons to press on with your writing

Our tight-knit author community boasts many writers who have been working hard over the years to achieve high levels of publishing success.

These are our Tier IV and V authors, and today I’m featuring a few of the most prominent!

(Missed the discussion about Authorship Tiers? Get up to speed)

Arline Chase, Tier IV, has broken a 10-year streak of writer’s block since she joined us, and I think that’s a success story in itself! Here’s her ChapterBuzz author page.

Deborah Ann Dykeman, Tier V, is editing her sixth book and writing the seventh. In addition, she’s working to publish a series of four books that she wrote several years ago. Check her out on Amazon!

Barry B. Wright, Tier IV, is a thriller author and, as I just found out, co-authored a math textbook back in the day! He’s also venturing into fantasy. Check out his projects on ChapterBuzz.

Ann Harrison-Barnes, Tier IV, writes Christian fiction and inspirational pieces, and currently has two books on the market. For some inspiration, stop by her website!

What’s your Tier? Find out

No matter where you are in your writing journey, you’re probably working on something right now. Join us in the Page-a-Week Club, and get ready to move forward with it!


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