How do you write a novel? For this author, it’s “like a worm being chopped up”

Fantasy author Kat Frost

This is Part 2 of a 3-part author interview series.

When first-time published author Kat Frost sits down to write a novel, she won’t just start typing. She always has a plan.

“I definitely always start with a premise,” Kat explains. “Always. Usually though, it changes drastically from first seedling inspiration to first draft.”

Her debut novel, Mastermind, is the perfect example of this drastic change.

Mastermind came to me as I was going to sleep one night,” she says. “In its earliest form, it was about a girl who was in a car accident that flung her into an alternate reality.”

From there it evolved. The car accident became a nasty fall from a horse, and the alternate reality became the backdrop for the fantastical tale of twelve-year-old Alex, who wakes up in an unknown place only to be immediately called upon to save three mystical worlds.

Professionally edited and published through my Total Published Author program, Mastermind is now on sale at Amazon, in print and for Kindle.

Kat describes the unfolding of her ideas as “much like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.”

But pausing for a moment to mull over that metaphor, she decides it doesn’t quite capture the intricacies of how her ideas evolve. “Or perhaps more aptly,” she clarifies, “a worm being chopped up and growing into many different worms, all from the same original one.”

I’ll file that under “Whatever Works.” And it sure seems to work well for Kat Frost.

Be sure to read Kat’s newest novel—as it evolves—over at ChapterBuzz. She welcomes your feedback and suggestions.

Just, uh, be careful not to step on any chopped-up worms.

So let’s hear from you!

Where do your ideas and inspiration come from when you sit down to write? Comment below!

5 thoughts on “How do you write a novel? For this author, it’s “like a worm being chopped up”

  1. I hear you. I start to plan, then change my mind before I finish, so I start writing, go back to the plan, start again, etc. I’m a perfectionist and have a hard time accepting anything I write so it takes me forever. First novel (now under re-write) took me twenty years. Took five years to write/publish “Mending Fences” . How do I write a novel? Usually when I’m not thinking about it the ideas come. I write them down, try them out, see above scenario. Ah, the writing life. But I will get it done, hopefully rough draft by end of Sept.


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