Writer, what do you struggle with?

As we prepare for the big launch of the Page-a-Week Writers Club on Monday, I’d like to know what you may be struggling with as a writer.

This could be any mountain you can’t seem to climb, from the beginning stages of conceiving of your novel, to actually writing it, to publishing and promoting it.

Or it could be a personal struggle you feel is preventing you from reaching your full potential as a writer.

Your story will help me provide encouragement to Club members on a much deeper level as they make weekly writing a habit.

If you yourself haven’t joined the Club yet, it’s open to all.

Are you brave enough to share? I’ll feature you on this blog. Your story will go a long way toward helping other writers who are experiencing similar struggles.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What is your biggest writing struggle?
  • Is there any personal struggle that is keeping you from realizing your full potential as a writer?
  • What have you tried to overcome this?
  • Has anything you’ve tried worked to some degree?
  • What are a few interesting or entertaining facts about you, even non-writing related?

If you’d like to be featured, go ahead and e-mail your story to me. If you’d just like to make a comment, go right ahead—comment section is open!

Let’s talk struggle today, for the purpose of overcoming it tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Writer, what do you struggle with?

  1. I’m constantly second-guessing myself, my opening. I think maybe I have it figured out. The plot seemed weak to me (Re: Frienemies). Think I’ll scrap the whole horse-race addiction theme and stick with the real reason why the antagonist hates the protagonist: jealousy, plain and simple, but Angel can’t stand the fact that her “friend” Angel doesn’t seem to appreciate the love she has had all of her life while she, Angel, was usurped by a younger brother (who died in an “accidental” fall in early childhood. Angel can’t stand the fact that people seem more drawn to Fanwn’s quiet nature instead of her flambouyant defiance of all social mores. Think I will develop that more, but I need some good sub-plots to throw in.


  2. Hello out there in Writer’s Land!! I hope you’re all doing well! I would have to say my biggest struggle with writing, isn’t really with writing at all. It’s stopping to write/finding time to put everything aside and devote my whole time to writing. As I write this, I’m on break at work. But I wanted to reply asap. I think however, that if you want it bad enough, you make time; even if it means hiding in the bathroom at work to do so 😉 I’m not doing that by the way, just sayin’. In my opinion, I think if you ask any writer they would all say lack of confidence in themselves in realizing their full potential. To me, it’s all so sureal.
    I was always mentally beat down and thought I wouldn’t be good enough to do anything. I then grew up. I attended college in 2004 and graduated in 2007. I was the only person in my whole entire family to ever graduate college. On my side of the family, you would always hear “I’m going to do this or that or the other.” I however, Actually did it!
    My husband always encourages me and tells me not to minimize what I’ve accomplished. I have always swept what I do under the rug. I realized my greatest feat when I published two books on Amazon. To me, this was bigger than graduating college. Has it sold? A handful of my first book has.
    Which is great, and it has had great reviews. I think we can all agree that we do not give ourselves enough credit for what it is that we do. If I were to see someone else other than myself accomplish what I have, it would be a big deal. That’s how I have to look at it.
    I love I Love Lucy. I’m like her in many aspects. Awkward but loveable. My addiction to the Beach is real! But the way I feel when I’m there? Indescribable. When the waves kiss my toes and the salty air hits my face, that’s where my peace of mind begins. I’m currently in the process of making a writing desk out of a suitcase by placing a small piece of board inside so my laptop can sit on it. Then, it will sit on a smaller table when complete and I already have in mind the antique decor’ I want to sit on the table around my suitcase desk. I’m 36, married for 18 years with three children ages 7, 16, and 18.
    Do what you do and be proud of what you do. You’re the only you that can accompmish it.
    Keep up the hard work!
    Tiffany S. Doran


  3. First chapter. It’s always the hardest to write because you’re getting started and figuring out the style to your story, and then it becomes to the hardest to edit because you gotta smash it into shape without hopefully changing too much plot so everything stays right. How much information should there be? how much exposition (ideally none) vs backstory (also ideally none)? How do you hit the ground running with world building and character building without making it sound like a series of facts.

    The first chapter is the first thing everyone will read. It has to be perfect.

    And that is daunting 😦


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