Want to be an award-winning writer by next month?

Yes, it could happen.

And happen suddenly, too: one day you’re a regular writer, the next day you’re an award-winning author.

How? By entering the ChapterBuzz 10K Social Writing Challenge.

Many people have it in their heads that winning an award is a long, drawn-out process that can only happen once their books are published, and involves filling out lots of applications and sending their books off to a host of organizations, just to have a shot at gaining a shred of recognition.

Not at all. The truth?

You can win an award at any stage of the writing process. And that award is yours forever—no matter what—so the cover of your book can show off this fact (“An award-winning novel”), and any book you publish from then on is “From award-winning author (insert your name here).”

And…you can have fun in the process!

I, in conjunction with ChapterBuzz, was thrilled to give awards to Liberty Henwick, Barry B. Wright, and Dacia Arnold for their amazing efforts during the last 10K Writing Challenge.

We had a blast, some genuinely incredible books emerged, awards were given.

This October, are you with us? Learn more and get reminders

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